After announcing in February that they were shutting down HomeHero, the founders of the venture-backed home care startup decided to use their remaining capital to create Harvey, an integrative medicine company that offers “virtual consultations with functional and naturopathic doctors, advanced in-lab testing and natural treatments to help patients with chronic health conditions optimize their health, wellness and quality of life.”

CEO Kyle Hill wrote in a blog post that Harvey’s physicians have been working with patients via telehealth services for about five months. Their goal is to determine and address the root cause of a given health issue, rather than merely treating the symptoms. 

Harvey integrates complementary and alternative medicine, nutrition, specialized lab tests for micronutrients, allergies, heavy metals, toxic chemicals, and hormonal and adrenal deficiencies, and other “nontraditional” practices into more conventional “Western” approaches to treating chronic disease. 

If Harvey is successful, Hill wrote in the blog post, the company will change the country’s “sick care” culture—in which the usual fee-for-service payment system gives providers an “incentive to optimize for profits instead of health outcomes”—and “shift the paradigm back toward nutrition, prevention and ‘whole body’ health and wellness.”

Hill also explained, for those who are curious, that the new business was named after William Harvey, the English physician and scientist who discovered how blood circulates through the body.


Our Take: Glad to see that you’re back on your feet, Kyle.

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